Some questions ? Welcome to our F.A.Q. !

              For stability, thus security. With this configuration the trailer cannot tip the bike over to the ground during curves and braking compared to coupling on the seat post (which is not developed to pull a load).

              We also design our bike hitch in order to ensure the safety of the cyclist in the event of an accident (we do not hope so) with a vehicle striking the trailer. The hitch must then break so as not to break the bike frame or to carry the bicycle and the cyclist away.

              FlexiModal is involved in the redaction of the french norm about cargo bike and utilitary trailer.


                Are the BicyLift and the Runner compatible with my bike?

              We design specific hitches according to the cargo bike to ensure safety and stability. List subject to changes on models mentioned.

              • Douze Cycles V2 or G4 

              • Urban Arrow

              • R&M Packster or Nevo

              • Bullitt (Gear hub and derailleur)

              • Triobike

              • Omnium

              • Tern GSD

              • Cargo Factory

              • RadCity

              • Radkutsche Rapid

              • Bergamont e-cargoville LJ

              • Trek Supercommuter

              • ili Cycles

              • on demand models

              Our trailers can also be used with more classic bikes thanks to our "universal hitch" and is mounted on the frame of the bike.

              • Victoria eUrban 11.9

              • Benno Boost

              • Veloe

              • Cube Kathmandu Hybrid

              • ...

              However, the  "universal hitch" compatibility is not 100% guaranteed due to the diversity of bicycle frames (geometry, position of the brake caliper or stand attachment,...).

              In order to limit the stresses in the stationary hitch, it is necessary to be able to hold the bike on a stand: for this purpose we have integrated a stand attachment directly on our "universal hitch".

              Black bike hitches with metallic sphere attached to them


                Which bike should I buy to use the trailers with ?

               The BicyLift and Runner trailers require the use of adapted bicycles to ensure satisfactory conditions of safety and reliability. In addition, the coupling system must be compatible with the bicycle frame, which, given their diversity and geometry, is no easy task.

              FlexiModal does not impose any particular models but would like to inform you about your choice. Several parameters seem important to us:


              forget the racing bike, prefer a more robust frame and equipment (wheels, tires, transmissions,...) 

               Braking capacity 

              for the trailer brakes to activate, the bicycle brakes must work under all conditions. Therefore, use hydraulic disc brakes.


              Re-launching a bike with a loaded trailer can be tricky when you are not in the right gear. However, when you have stopped quickly without having had time to downshift, only gear hubs will allow you to change gears without moving forward. Prefer hubs with integrated gears rather than derailleurs. 

               Electric assistance

              Unless you are in a flat area and do not tow heavy loads, the use of an electric-assisted bicycle seems essential. Several types exist, our preference is for mid-motors from 80Nm (Bosch Performance CX, Shimano step8000, Brose drive S). 

               Carrying capacity 

              Depending on your activity, you will have a greater or lesser interest in being able to carry goods in the bike in addition to loading the trailer. Combined with the delivery of a pallet, you could thus ensure some additional poses of packages on the way. 

               Stability at standstill

              A stable bike on crutched is practical and avoids significant stress on the bike if you had to lay it on the floor a standstill. 

              For all these reasons, our choice is more naturally oriented towards cargo bicycles. A number of proven models exist on the market today, we list below the models for which we have compatible couplers: 

              If you are a cargo bike manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us to test the compatibility of your range with our trailer! If necessary, we will co-develop a hitch adapted to your frames for perfect compatibility.

              BicyLift and Runner are purely mechanical trailers which allow reliability and low maintenance. The main maintenance is the same as on a conventional bike.

              At this stage, European legislation is not clear about the adding engine power of a trailer to an electric bike of 250W which is the standard and the limit. Above this power, the bike has to be insured and registered.