We selected a set of products which could be useful with the BicyLift bike trailer.  You can directly order them from us.

BicyLift Spare wheel

Because we are never completely safe from a flat tire in the city despite quality tires.  Exchanging the wheel rather than repairing one can be easier to finish the delivery tour quickly.

Mudflap mudguard

Your rear wheel throws mud on your trailer loading ? This Fahrer mudflap goes further than your mudguard and avoid any projection on your shipment.

Rear view mirror

Always have a look back to be safe with this rear view mirror Busch+Müller !

Bicycle frame lock Axa horshoe

This quick lock is the best ally to lock the bike for the duration of a delivery. It could be combined with the Axa cable. 

Lock trailer coiled cable Ø5.5 X 100

Secure your trailer by attaching it to the Axa bike frame lock with this chain. 

Pallet cover

Protect your pallet from the rain. We provide classic or custom pallet covers.

More details here

Signage flag

When the trailer transport a low pallet or no module, show your trailer with a flag to report it to other road users.

We provide classic and custom signage flags. 

Bike stand for universal BicyLift hitch

Not all bicycles are equipped with a sufficient stand. Here is one that is sufficient and suitable for the universal hitch. More information on trailer hitch?

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We provide these accessories, don't hesitate to ask for quotation.